Scavenger Hunt.

What exactly is the scavenger hunt?

The Scavenger Hunt of Bospop takes you to the different places of the festival site.
You start at the entrance by scanning a QR-code with your mobile phone.
It will lead you to a website with more information about the next meeting point and it will give you one letter of a password that you should remember or at least write down.

Don't forget to fulfill the tasks, you need to do them to be able to win.
If you are the first one to write the password on twitter/ post all the photos on facebook etc.
You will be the winner of two tickets for Bospop festival next year!

And don't be sad if you're not the first winner. Ten more winners will get Bospop merchandise and coupons for food and drinks.

How can I participate?

All you need is a smartphone with a reader-app for QR-codes.
If your smartphone doesn't already have one just download it here:
Then go to the entrance and start the hunt!!!